Using innovation to develop your business
  • Active and passive fire protection systems
  • Design of conventional sprinkler systems
  • Design of special systems: high pressure water mist, inert gas, foam
  • Design of sprinkler systems for windows
  • Design of fire protection systems for building mechanics and electricity
  • Design of fire alarm systems
  • Earthquake protection
  • Design and optimization of earthquake reduction systems of all kinds
  • Lightning rod and surge arrester
  • Design of lightning protection systems
  • Assessment and certification
  • Performance evaluation of existing fire protection and safety systems
  • Expertise for report and opinion issued by the competent authorities and inspection bodies
  • Water flow and pressure assessment and test
  • Expertise for code study and applicable solutions including request for different measures
  • Expertise and technical assistance for maintenance and inspection of systems
  • Issuance of certificate of conformity

Diverse clientele such as commerce, industry, Hydro-Quebec, University and many others.

The systems mentioned above are designed by PGA Experts Inc. and the documents are signed and sealed by our engineers.