Using innovation to develop your business

Jean Leclair, Eric Letellier, Patrick O’Donoughue, Gilles Carrier and Réjean Pouliot

Patrick O’Donoughue

Director of Business Development, Engineer, Mr. O’Donoughue graduated from McGill University in agricultural engineering. He has over 40 years of experience as an engineer in the food industry, as a specialist in animal feed production plants. Mr. O'Donoughue not only has design expertise, but also field expertise for problem solving or factory process improvement.

He has also gained recognized experience in quality systems for the food industry. Over the course of his career, he has also developed a database for assessing factory new value and procedures for insurance and investment purposes.

Jean Leclair

Director of human resources, Engineer, agronomist, M. Sc., Mr. Leclair graduated from Laval University in agricultural engineering and obtained a master's degree in environmental engineering at the Polytechnic school of Lausanne in Switzerland.
Mr. Leclair has over 35 years of experience with more than 25 years in the environment in the fields of food engineering, treatment of drinking and wastewater and in the management of food and municipal residues. His experience relates in particular to the agro-environment and the municipal field including the development and protection of watercourses, the treatment of agri-food and municipal effluents, the commissioning and operation of water treatment processes used and potable and on the design or modification of such works.

Mr. Leclair is also a member of the Order of Agronomists of Quebec and was a member of the ``Technological Innovations Committee`` of the Federation of Quebec Pork Producers for the evaluation of pork manure processing technologies. Finally, Jean Leclair was a lecturer in the operation of wastewater treatment plants and the production of drinking water as part of the urban infrastructure management program at the Department of Civil Engineering at Laval University.

Gilles Carrier

Director of Finance, Professional Technologist, Mr. Carrier holds a diploma in building mechanics and has more than 46 years of experience in this field. Through his duties and the many other training courses he has followed, Mr. Carrier specializes in the field of fire protection and knows very well the requirements of insurers according to their membership which are G.T.A., FM Global et NFPA.

Mr. Carrier is a member of several fire safety organizations such as the SFPE, NFPA, ACAI, CMEICI, FCIA, ATPIQ. He is a member of the Canadian technical committee of the CSA in earthquake resistance and of the technical committee of UL in lightning conductor.

He notably held various technical and management positions in large companies specializing in this field for several years. Mr. Carrier acts as a technical trainer for workers working in the installation of fire protection systems and his involvement in large-scale projects ensures him a solid experience in this field. Mr. Carrier is the holder and sole sponsor of a general contractor license for construction management of commercial and industrial projects.

Réjean Pouliot

Managing Director, Engineer, M. Sc., Mr. Pouliot has more than 35 years of experience in the realization of agri-food processes including several projects in the field of process liquids (products of all kinds: water, acids, caustics, molasses , etc.) as well as in the meat sector (slaughterhouses for pigs, chickens, calves, oxen, etc. with cutting rooms and by-product processing plants).

He was technical director for several process and expertise projects. His expertise relates to process design (thermal treatment of products, handling of pastes and solids, fluid mechanics) and project management. As director, he worked on the identification of technologies, the dimensioning of components, the layout of factories, the development of mass and energy balances as well as all the elements of project management: contracts with stakeholders, coordination of work and professionals, development and monitoring of implementation budgets with preparation of the implementation schedule.

Éric Letellier

Operation manager, graduate engineer from the School of Higher Technology in Mechanical Engineering. He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of fire protection as well as in the food industry. Mr. Letellier has extensive expertise in the fire protection sectors for specific risks such as fire protection of electrical transformers or the storage of high-risk materials. He also stands out for its effectiveness in managing large-scale agri-food projects.