Utiliser l'innovation pour développer votre entreprise /Using innovation to develop your business

Fondation (1983)

Started modestly in 1983 by Mr. Pierre Giguère, engineer, M.Sc., the consulting engineering company operated under the name “Pierre Giguère Consultants”. The company has built good credibility and solid expertise thanks to its dedicated staff.

Expension (2000)

2000 was a year of change. The company changes its name to PGA Experts Inc. Two engineers and a professional technologist join forces with Mr. Giguère to broaden the range of services offered to customers and ensure a continuous presence in the greater Montreal region.

Crédibilité (2014)

The year 2014 brings new changes within the company. Mr. Giguère passes the torch and a new engineer joins the management team.

La relève

Since then, PGA Experts Inc.’s mission has been: Responding to the needs of its customers by facilitating the achievement of their objectives while being advisers who live up to their aspirations.


PGA Experts Inc. today offers a wide range of professional services to its customers in the food industry, but also to those in the industrial, commercial and institutional fields.

The influence of PGA Experts Inc. is now based on:

  • The extended range of its services
  • The human contact of its staff
  • The constant concern for improvement both by the training followed and by the renewal of its fleet of equipment (IT, software, techniques, etc.)

The PGA Experts Inc. team wishes to become business partners for its clients.